432 Park Avenue: Luxury apartments above the rooftops of New York

Iserlohn. New York:
432 Park Avenue in New York City is a building of superlatives. At a height of over 426 metres, the new apartment building, which officially opens this summer, will be one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. But 432 Park Avenue does not just offer what is currently the best view over this vast metropolis; all 104 luxury apartments also have furnishings that meet the highest standards. In bathrooms and kitchens that are suffused with light, the planners have relied on the Tara designer fitting from Dornbracht.

432 Park Avenue is the newest and most spectacular project to date from the Harry Macklowe property company. With its 96 floors, the slender building designed by the architects' offices of SLCE Architects and Rafael Viñoly, has given a new look to the New York skyline. 432 Park Avenue isn’t called the "new icon" of the city for nothing.

96 floors of luxury: 432 Park Avenue Future residents can expect a completely new outlook on life above the clouds – thanks to the generously-sized windows of three by three metres and furnishings that leave nothing to be desired. Each element has been carefully chosen by the designer Deborah Berke, paying special attention to the exceptional architecture. Nothing was left to chance in the bathrooms either. There is a breathtaking view to be enjoyed from the free-standing bathtub, surrounded by elegant marble and purist design. The ambiance combines a sense of modernity with timeless elegance, bringing to the iconic aspirations of the building to its interior design.

Exclusive furnishings in the bathrooms and kitchen: Tara from Dornbracht, The chosen fittings, Tara from Dornbracht, are iconic in their own right. Their clear and balanced form has made them a much-coveted design piece throughout the world. The simple perfection of Tara is subtly understated in the bathroom architecture – yet simultaneously makes an aesthetic statement. This also applies to the high-quality furnishings in the kitchen, where the Dornbracht designer fitting with hand spray is a stylish addition to the exclusive interior. Like all the other fittings from the premium manufacturer, 100% of Tara is produced in Germany and represents the ultimate in high-quality workmanship, Made in Germany.